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How to hide your email address to spammers

Talk about spam! You’ve heard this one right?  I’ve installed all sorts of plugins and I am still bombarded with a lot of spam. It’s now coming to a point where I need to hire a security guard. No, it won’t solve the problem. I’m just desperate.

Well, people at Carnegie Mellon University have created an application called Mailhide to help you hide your email address. Users have to enter their email address and copy a piece of code that displays a partial email address ( wherever it’s posted. If a person really wants to find out what the entire email address is, they’ll have to solve one of the two CAPTCHAs the application displays. HTML code is also provided for website owners. The words can be hard to read, but once solved, the visitor is taken to a page that shows the complete email address (here’s an example). It’s a bit tricky, but it keeps spammers from collecting your email address.