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Author: Kylie Fox

The Emotional Benefits For Sending Your Child To A Child Care Centre

Most young parents today need to be able to fend for their families along with the doing what is best to take care of their child. So both parents would have to have jobs and this would require the child to either go to a child care center or you would need to hire a nanny to take care of the child when youre away. Child care centers in Singapore are highly advanced and can help your child in many ways and can be better for your childs development and also be a more economical choice.

Most high-quality child care centers make it a point to plan their child care programs in such a way that they are able to nurture trust within their relationships with their parents and caregivers as well as their peers. A caregiver at the child care center is so much more than just someone who watches over the kids or someone who is there to take care of the children. The caregiver has the important responsibility of developing emotional skills, encouraging the children to engage in activities with the other children and is also the ones who help promote curiosity within the child. Along with the teachers, the parents also work together to help the children develop those emotional connections that they will need for the rest of their life to be a successful one. The caregivers are trained in such a way that they are able to teach the children how to interact with other people without using punishments or by embarrassing the child, this encouragement has a very important impact on the behavior of the child.

In child care centers children are able to learn new tasks that help them to be able to take care of themselves better. They also learn to help others which help the child develop a sense of self-worth and take pride in all that they do. Older children are also given small responsibilities on a day to day basis that would help them learn to take real world responsibilities and learn skills that they will use in their real life.

Singapore Child care centers with playgroup in singapore can help in the early development of the childs emotional wellbeing which will help them be better individuals later in life and also help them be more emotionally stable and be able to face all of the difficulties that the future may bring with a stable mind.

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How Learning to Play the Drums Is Good For Your Child

Learning to play any sort of instrument can be very beneficial to your childs development. However, learning the drums has more benefits than most other instruments.

It helps to improve the child’s concentration and hence helps them to grow academically.

You need precision while playing the drums and thus this helps the child develop various important regions of the brain.

It is a healing art that helps the child gain a better sense of wellbeing.

While playing the drums the child will need a lot of energy that will also result in the increase in the child’s stamina over time as they practice.

By playing the drum the child is able to get a greater awareness of their body and its movement, this can result in the child developing better coordination and also increase their self-control.

It increases the ability of the child to listen to the sounds and rhythms that are present all around us this also results in them having better listening skills.

They are also able to focus on something better and for a longer period of time.

Learning any sort of music skill helps the child to become more confident and also get over any sort of stage fright that can result in the child being a better public speaker in the future.

Children who learn to play music and rhythm from a young age are able to understand and find rhythm everywhere they go. They also learn how to see the beauty of nature and their surroundings. This will remove much of the negativity that is always lurking around an individual and replace it with a positive attitude that is good for your child’s future.

Playing music in the form of a group, be it a drum circle or a band helps the child learn the value of teamwork and appreciate the other person’s talent. They also learn how to cooperate and co-exist with their band and the other musicians in the group.

If you as a parent or guardian if you take interest in the child’s classes then this can help you and your child form an amazing bond that will last for the rest of their life. You never know you may even be able to learn a trick or two from your child.

So dont waste time and help your child embark on this wonderful journey by enrolling in drum class singapore .

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Why Are After School Music Programs Important?


Everyone is fond of music programs; people of all age groups like to hear vocal and instrumental sounds. However, musical programs offer a lot more than fun, especially for children. A reputable international school in Singapore knows the vitality of music in shaping a child’s future and includes it in the basic curriculum. Following are some reasons that explain why after school music programs are important.


Relaxes mind and body


Children get exhausted after their day’s work in school. Their body and mind are not in a position to concentrate on anything after returning from school. It is essential to revitalize their mind and body. This is where music comes in handy to help out. Through enchanting sounds, musical programs relax the mind and overall bodily system of children and make them ready for upcoming academic challenges.


Helps to understand culture


Any country has diverse culture and traditions. Understanding culture is helpful for social interaction and beneficial for personal and work life. While it is not easy to get familiar with various cultures, musical programs play an important part in understanding the culture of a country. With engrossed sounds, children tend to get familiar with varied heritage and cultural communities of their country.


Opportunity to make a career


While children have an inborn liking towards vocal sounds and tunes, some children are enthusiastic about making a career on completion of their basic education. However, learning the art of music is not an easy task. It is necessary to start learning vocal instruments and sounds for years to become a master. By including musical programs in the elementary curriculum, schools can prepare their students for career opportunities in the music industry at a later stage.


Eases behavior problems


Students with learning disabilities and extreme behavior problems benefit largely through participation in musical programs. Most of these students show tremendous improvement in their behavior. Also, they are able to overcome their learning disabilities due to improvements in their confidence and general perceptions about school life.


Closing thoughts


Thus, it is clear that music plays a key role in the overall development of a child. Whether it is academic career or mental development, music can positively impact a child’s life. Aside from performing national art standards in the education field, musical programs are important in enhancing overall academic achievement, social as well as cultural intelligence and character development. A renown international school is well aware of these varied benefits and includes music as an elementary curriculum for a child’s bright future.



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75. The Right Preschool Can Help Boost Your Childs Academic Performance

The Right Preschool Can Help Boost Your Child’s Academic Performance

You are your child’s most important and the first teacher as a parent. If the families and the parents of the kids show a keen interest in their preschools, the little ones will definitely feel much better about going to their preschools. Several studies have demonstrated that the involvement of the families is mind is important for a kid’s academic success in the preschool as compared to other factors like the kind of earnings a family has or the kind of degrees the parents hold. In fact, parents can be a pillar in their kid’s learning at home in several ways and throughout the preschool year.

Take a close look at some of the ways your child can succeed academically by selecting the right preschool education in Singapore.

You need to know the progress of your child

Find out from the teacher how your kid is doing in the class as compared to the other pupils. In case, you find out that your little one is not doing well, particularly in reading, you can ask them what the preschool is you should do for helping your kid. It is crucial to act as soon as possible before your kid’s performance deteriorates too. Make sure that you are checking your kid’s report card every time it is sent across.

Your little one should do the assigned homework regularly

Make your child understand that you feel education is extremely important. The kid should also understand that homework should be completed regularly. If needed, make sure that you sit beside your kid and help with the homework. A dedicated place can be set aside for studying. Also, establish a fixed time for homework. You should do away with common distractions like making or receiving social calls over the phone and watching television while your child completes the homework. When you help your little one with homework, you can make sure that your kid finishes the homework in time.

If required, get someone to help your child with the homework

Is it getting tough for you to help your kid with school projects or homework? Or does your hectic schedule prevent you from spending adequate time to get the homework done! If that is the case, make sure that you find someone qualified to help your child out. You can get in touch with the preschool, churches, libraries, after school programs and tutoring groups for this purpose. Alternatively, you can find out if a friend, neighbor or an older pupil can help.

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The principles of the Montessori system for preschool education

Over the last two hundred years, many educators have developed many education methods to teach preschool children. One world renowned and remarkable system of education for these children is the Montessori Method, which was developed in the first two decades of the 20th century by an Italian physician and educator called Maria Montessori.
After graduating from the University of Rome in 1896, she worked with mentally disabled children in the asylums of Rome as a part of her research at the university hospital. Her interest in education was kindled by these experiences with the children at the asylum and she diligently researched on educational theory of the previous two hundred years. Owing to her keen sense of observation and her innovative brilliance, she developed the Montessori Method of education during the next few years. During the course of the 20th century, the Montessori Method has become popular in many countries around the world. From daycare centres in the United States of America to Singapore child care centres, Montessori’s principles were used to teach preschool children.
There are five key principles in the Montessori Method for preschool education.
Respect for the Child
The foundation upon which the other principles are dependent is respect for the child. A child who is respected is a happier child and as a consequence, learning outcomes will improve dramatically.
The Absorbent Mind
While older children and adults need an organised approach to learning, children below the age of six can learn instinctively from their environment. By the age of six, this unique ability will disappear. According to Maria Montessori, the main job of a teacher is to place little children in suitable environments to make the maximum use of this spectacular gift.
Sensitive Periods
A sensitive period is a certain period of time when a preschool child can learn a particular skill with remarkable ease. It is important for the teacher to spot these sensitive periods and ensure that the child’s learning potential is tapped to the maximum.
The Prepared Environment
An environment designed to stimulate the instinctive learning abilities of a child is a prepared environment. A variety of options are provided in this environment and children are free to explore and learn from their surroundings.
Montessori strongly believed that children can educate themselves when allowed to explore an environment that captures their attention and stimulates them. “Auto-education” is the term used to describe this phenomenon
Finally, the teacher in the Montessori system of education tries to be a guide and not an obstacle to a child exploring his/her surroundings. A keen observation and an intelligent analysis of the child’s response to his/her environment are the main skills required in a teacher of this child-centric approach to teaching.

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Currency Trading

Currency trading is quite similar to trading stocks on themarket. While you may or may not have any familiarity with those options, you should know that trading in this form is quite popular and it keeps gaining in popularity. There are many reasons for that, but in most cases it is popular because it works and is quite straightforward which makes it very well worth your time. Currency trading is a method of trading based on the value of currency.

In most cases, the worlds economy is the judge of how much you can and will make. This is different than with stocks which rely heavily on the United States economy. In this case, you are dealing with world markets and world currency rates. The basis is very simple. You simply will purchase currency at a time in which it is worth less. For example, the dollar is worth more. You purchase low and then as the economy strengthens in that country, you can sell to make a profit. Basically you turn in your money for dollars again. But, that is quite a simplistic look at it. There are many things that influence currency trading. What makes it attractive to anyone, anywhere is that you can invest pennies or quite a bit of money. Obviously you can make more money, the more you invest, but you still make money either way. Currency trading is a market that many are looking to get into for that very reason.

There are many currency trading options available to you to help you as well. You will find that people often have a system in place to help them monitor and make sales. This software is able to be found throughout the web and can be quite beneficial if you want to do the trading yourself. If you do not, you can easily get the help of any of the currency trading advisors outthere. Its a great opportunity!

Note: This is an article thats constantly being sent to me by spam mail. Guess what, I am re-printing it in verbatim and will not give credit to the site that spams me. Lets see what they feel when they see their article being printed without links to them and I could have it advertised! Grrr!

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How to hide your email address to spammers

Talk about spam! You’ve heard this one right?  I’ve installed all sorts of plugins and I am still bombarded with a lot of spam. It’s now coming to a point where I need to hire a security guard. No, it won’t solve the problem. I’m just desperate.

Well, people at Carnegie Mellon University have created an application called Mailhide to help you hide your email address. Users have to enter their email address and copy a piece of code that displays a partial email address ( wherever it’s posted. If a person really wants to find out what the entire email address is, they’ll have to solve one of the two CAPTCHAs the application displays. HTML code is also provided for website owners. The words can be hard to read, but once solved, the visitor is taken to a page that shows the complete email address (here’s an example). It’s a bit tricky, but it keeps spammers from collecting your email address.

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Articles that readers read where keywords get clicked

Whats great with Kontera is that it tells me what articles my readers are clicking. Now, if you are suprised about the percentages, its because my Kontera is just a week old.

Having seen that, I thought I would look at the keywords again. Exactly, what did they clicked on these articles? Here they are:

With these tools, Id like to see what happens if I focus my entry with the keywords that they are clicking. Lets see what happens. I hope the clickrate improves!

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