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Month: December 2016

Currency Trading

Currency trading is quite similar to trading stocks on themarket. While you may or may not have any familiarity with those options, you should know that trading in this form is quite popular and it keeps gaining in popularity. There are many reasons for that, but in most cases it is popular because it works and is quite straightforward which makes it very well worth your time. Currency trading is a method of trading based on the value of currency.

In most cases, the worlds economy is the judge of how much you can and will make. This is different than with stocks which rely heavily on the United States economy. In this case, you are dealing with world markets and world currency rates. The basis is very simple. You simply will purchase currency at a time in which it is worth less. For example, the dollar is worth more. You purchase low and then as the economy strengthens in that country, you can sell to make a profit. Basically you turn in your money for dollars again. But, that is quite a simplistic look at it. There are many things that influence currency trading. What makes it attractive to anyone, anywhere is that you can invest pennies or quite a bit of money. Obviously you can make more money, the more you invest, but you still make money either way. Currency trading is a market that many are looking to get into for that very reason.

There are many currency trading options available to you to help you as well. You will find that people often have a system in place to help them monitor and make sales. This software is able to be found throughout the web and can be quite beneficial if you want to do the trading yourself. If you do not, you can easily get the help of any of the currency trading advisors outthere. Its a great opportunity!

Note: This is an article thats constantly being sent to me by spam mail. Guess what, I am re-printing it in verbatim and will not give credit to the site that spams me. Lets see what they feel when they see their article being printed without links to them and I could have it advertised! Grrr!

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How to hide your email address to spammers

Talk about spam! You’ve heard this one right?  I’ve installed all sorts of plugins and I am still bombarded with a lot of spam. It’s now coming to a point where I need to hire a security guard. No, it won’t solve the problem. I’m just desperate.

Well, people at Carnegie Mellon University have created an application called Mailhide to help you hide your email address. Users have to enter their email address and copy a piece of code that displays a partial email address ( wherever it’s posted. If a person really wants to find out what the entire email address is, they’ll have to solve one of the two CAPTCHAs the application displays. HTML code is also provided for website owners. The words can be hard to read, but once solved, the visitor is taken to a page that shows the complete email address (here’s an example). It’s a bit tricky, but it keeps spammers from collecting your email address.

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